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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dr Oz Safslim Supplement, Montel Safflower Oil Diet. Lose Inches

Montel Williams Safslim Supplement, Safflower Diet on Dr. Oz show

Montel Williams, the highly popular former television host talked to Dr. Oz today (January 3, 2012) about a supplement that he says has transformed his body! The supplement Montel Williams is referring to is called Safslim. Montel explained to Dr. Oz that Safslim contains saffron oil, and helps to burn fat around the waistline. He said that this new cutting edge way of dieting is helping people lose weight all across the country!

Dr. Oz Safslim Supplement, Safflower Oil Diet

How Does The Safflower Supplement Help You Lose Weight

Safflower was discovered over 4000 years ago and is used to curb your appetite, cravings, and to burn belly fat. It is one of the worlds oldest plants and people are learning about it's amazing ability to burn belly fat.

Montel Williams won't promote a product that he doesn't believe in so he tried Safslim before he even thought about becoming a spokeman for the supplement. Montel looked great, and he swears by the product.

Dr. Oz was very interested about the claims being made about Safslim. He was also concerned about it's safety and what kind of long term effects to expect. Dr. Oz did some research and told Montel that this supplement sounded too good to be true! To gain a first hand perspective, he asked Montel how Safslim helped him personally to lose weight.

Montel said that after he started using Safslim he lost 2 inches off his waistline very quickly. He used the product for 11 weeks. Montel had already changed his dietary habits long ago and tries to eat healthy. However, he was at a plateau and no matter how much he exercised or ate right, he couldn't get past. He said that Safslim got him over his plateau and he was about to meet his weight loss goals.

Montel said that while he was busy traveling he stopped taking the Safslim supplement and he gained an inch back. However, after he went back on the Safflower Oil diet plan he lost that inch he gained back in no time!

Dr. Oz asked Montel if he had changed his daily habits during the time he lost inches around his waistline so quickly. Montel said that he didn't change a thing. Montel made it clear that he was never approached by Safslim to sell their product. He said that he approached the company and asked them them to become their spokesman because he believe so passionately in their supplement.

How Does Safslim Taste?

Dr. Oz gave the supplement a taste test. He said that it tasted like a popsicle!

How much Safslim do you take per day?

Montel said the daily dosage is 2 tablespoons per day. (1/2 hour before your meals). Montel also wanted to express that you can't just take Safslim and live an unhealthy lifestyle and expect amazing results. He said that you should still be getting your exercise in and eating a healthy diet.

Safflower Oil Diet

  • Dr. Oz said to look for Safflower supplements that contain 6 grams of linoleic acid. They also have the added benefits of containing Omega 6 fats, which are very good for your cardiovascular system.
  • Eat 3 teaspoons of sunflower seeds each day

Well, all the information seemed very promising to say the least, but one of the best ways to be informed about a product is to read customer reviews (both good and bad) who have actually tried Safslim. Read Safslim Customer Reviews

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