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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dr Oz, Free Amys Free Burritos, Kashi Pizza, Frozen Dinners

Amy's Frozen Burrito Giveaway, 7 Grain Kashi Pizza, Frozen Dinner

Dr. Oz Free Burritos, Kashi Pizza
Today's show January 31, 2012 Dr. Oz show was all about what diet foods you should buy and which ones you should avoid.  Dr. Oz even recommended frozen dinners that fit in to his healthy diet guidelines and can be made in mere minutes. They even gave away 20,000 Amy's frozen burritos for free!  Here are some of Dr. Oz diet food recommendations.

Kashi Thick Crust Pest Pizza

I bet you would never think that Dr. Oz would recommend pizza to help you lose weight!  Well, this pizza isn't your ordinary pizza.  It is made from 7 grain bread and each serving has 4 grams of fiber.  In fact you could eat a 1/3 of the pizza and only be ingesting 240 calories!  (Also with 14 grams of protein!).  So the next time your in the grocery store, grab the Kashi Pesto Pizza and enjoy without the guilt.

Dr. Oz, Sea Pak Salmon Burgers

Salmon burgers make great sandwiches and contain heart healthy fats.  Dr. Oz recommended the Sea Pak Salmon burgers.  Here are some of the reasons why :
  • Only 110 calories
  • 3 grams of Omega 3 fats
  • Only $7.99 per package!
Evol Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Frozen Dinner

  • The Evol Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Frozen Dinner is made with Organic brown rice!
  • Dr. Oz loved at how many vegetables were included in the Evol Teriyaki Chicken Bowl!
  • 90% of your daily Vitamin A needs
  • Only costs $4.99
 Amy's Organic Bean and Rice Burrito (He gave away 20,000 of these after his show for free!)

  • Contains only half the sodium of regular burito
  • Made of organic beans and rice

How To Get The Free Burritos Dr. Oz gave away on today's show?

To print off a coupon to get a free burrito all you have to do is go to his official website and print off a coupon! (If they are still available.. Usually his giveaways go pretty fast!)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 2012 Dr. Oz Episodes

January 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 Dr. Oz Episodes

Dr. Oz January 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2012 EpisodesJanuary 16, 2012 Dr Oz Show - Can You Be Addicted To Food?

Dr. Oz invites physicians on to the show to debate whether you can become addicted to food.  They discuss whether the chemicals in certain foods can create an addiction.  Is the food industries to blame for putting addictive chemicals into our food?  Tune in Monday and decide what you think on this controversial topic.

January 17 2012 Episode - Who Is Spiking Our Supplements

Dr. Oz investigates an American hidden health scandal to find who is spiking our health supplements.  Find out what you should be looking out for and what to avoid when shopping for your health supplements.  View this shocking Dr. Oz episode to keep your family safe!

January 18, 2012 Episode - Truth Behind Shock Therapy

The shock that could save your life!  Electroshock therapy is making a comeback and is successfully being used to treat depression.  Real life patients who underwent electroshock talk to Dr. Oz how this therapy has saved their lives.  Dr.'s also appear on the show to discuss the success ratio of this procedure.

January 19, 2012 Episode - Dr. Oz #1 Secret To Fight Fatigue, Cancer, Bloating

This episode talks about ways to combat sleep deprivation, fatigue, reduce bloating, and preventing cancer.  Dr. Oz goes on a undercover shopping cart ambush.  Learn about the two week program that can transform your health forever.  Find out what foods can be making you sick without your knowledge.

January 20, 2012 Episode - Most Dangerous Risk Factors For Alzheimers

On the January 20, 2012 episode Dr. Oz talks about the most dangerous Alzheimer's risks and whether you are at risk of developing Alzheimer's yourself!  Dr. Oz talks about the amazing new studies about Alzheimer's and if we will have a cure within 10 years!  Find out how to reduce your chances of ever getting Alzheimer's disease.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

Dr. Oz brought the beautiful pop diva Jennifer Hudson on to his television show to talk about her amazing success at losing weight and how she continues to keep the weight off!  Read Jennifer Hudson's Weight Watchers Diet Plan to see how she lost the weight and what inspired her to lose the weight in the first place.  Her favorite recipe that she revealed on the show was her Vegetable Lasagna Recipe that she says is very filling and is full of healthy vegetables.

Jennifer Hudson Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

Jennifer Hudson Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

Unfortunately they didn't reveal the exact ingredients that were in the entire veggie lasagna recipe.  She did say that she makes it by layering the lasagna in vegetables like squash and zucchini.  She said that it is very filling and healthy at the same time.

Jennifer lost her weight after signing up to the Weight Watchers program.  She uses the points plus system so it would probably be safe to assume that she uses recipes that come from the Weight Watchers Points Plus cookbook.  In fact, Dr. Oz gave away 10,000 copies to viewers of the show and also to every member of the audience.  Also see if you qualify for the Dr. Oz free Amy's Organic Burrito Giveaway.

Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan, How She Lost Weight

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan and How She Lost Her Weight

Jennifer Hudson burst into the National Limelight and straight into the hearts of people all around the world when she starred on American Idol. Since then she has went on to win an Oscar and is now an author of a best selling book as well!  Now, Jennifer Hudson has inspired men and women all around the world with her successful weight loss and body transformation that has taken place.  On January 10, 2012 episode Jennifer lets the audience and Dr. Oz in on her secrets, vegetable lasagna recipe, and exercise routines that has led to her weight loss.

How Jennifer Hudson Lost Her Weight

So, you have seen the pictures, and the commercials of Jennifer Hudson's new body.  The question is, how did she accomplish this feat.  Was it just her diet? Does she exercise regularly?  Today Jennifer reveals her diet secrets, recipes, and exercise routine that have led to her success.

Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss Diet

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan on Dr. Oz
Jennifer told Dr. Oz that she has been battling weight her entire life.  Every since she was a young child, weight has always been an issue.  After she became a Hollywood celebrity the pressure to lose weight increased even more.  She said that after she gave birth to her son, she knew that she needed to lose weight.  She turned to Weight Watchers for help.  She achieved so much success with Weight Watchers that she became a spokeswoman for the company! She said that for full details about her weight loss struggles, she discusses them full in Jennifer Hudson's book, "I Got This".
Jennifer Hudson's Weight Watchers Plan

Dr. Oz asked Jennifer what prompted her to lose the weight.  She said that she first had to come to grips witht he fact that she had a weight problem.  Then she had do decide that she was ready to commit to losing the weight.  The next step was to join Weight Watchers.  Jennifer said that she thinks you have to truly be ready to lose the weight for it to be a long term success. 

Jennifer Hudson told Dr. Oz that after she had her baby, she wanted to set a healthy example for her child.  After the baby she knew she had to get out of the "pregnant way of eating" mentality. Jennifer had a C section during her labor so exercise wouldn't be part of the weight loss equation at least initially, so changing her eating habits came first. She said that her weight loss goals inspired her entire family and that a whopping 175 members of her family followed suit and joined Weight Watchers as well!

Dr. Oz asked about her emotions since she lost lost weight.  Jennifer smiled and said, "empowerment".  She said that she has accomplished many amazing things during her young career but accomplishing a personal goal that has affected her entire life was truly empowering.  She learned that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Jennifer Hudson revealed to Dr. Oz that there were many times in her life when she thought that she would never be able to lose the weight, and that it would always be there. She finally realized that she was making excuses to not lose the weight.  She said that you shouldn't beat yourself up. She closed with some very good advice.  Lose weight for yourself and never for anyone else!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Dr. Oz Velashape For Cellulite Complimentary Treatment

Velashape Fights Cellulite - Dr. Oz Gives Away Complimentary Treatments

Dr. Oz did a segment on today's show about a cutting edge new device called the velashape to fight cellulite..  They showed a before and after picture of a woman who got treated by the velashape device and the results were absolutely amazing! The woman's skin in the "after" image was much more firm without all of the cellulite dimples.

Dr. Oz asked the guest physician how much the velashape treatment costs.  She said that each treatment costs $400 dollars and up (depending on the patient) and you will need 4 to 6 treatments for best results.

The Velashape works by combining radio frequencies and infra red together to penetrate the skin and to stimulate collagen production. The procedure is painless and in fact feels similar to a deep tissue massage. Dr. Oz also said that he was giving away free Velashape complimentary treatments for 25,000 viewers on his show!

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Dr Oz, Break Sugar Substitute Addiction, Root Beer Recipe, Orange

Break Your Sugar Substitute Addiction - Root Beer and Orange Soda Recipes

Today (1-09-2012) Dr. Oz did an episode on breaking your addiction to sugar substitutes. Millions of Americans use sugar substitutes every day thinking that this will help them lose weight. Dr. Oz says that in the end, the opposite may be the case.  He said that the average American consumes a whopping 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners a year!

Recent research has shown that artificial sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose, can trigger hunger cravings and make you eat more!  This can lead to weight gain and all of the diseases that accompany obesity.

Dr. Oz said that artificial sweeteners are much stronger than regular sugar and can cause you to crave the artificial sweeteners in much the same way as people crave sugar.  Today Dr. Oz talks about how to overcome your sugar substitute addiction in only 7 Days.

Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar.  Saccharin is 500 times sweeter, and sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar!

Dr. Oz 7 Day Plan To Break Sugar Substitute Addiction

Day 1 - Instead of using artificial sweetener in your coffee use a natural sugar substitute called Stevia.  It is 30 times sweeter than sugar.  It has zero calories and comes from an herb.

Day 2 - Use Maple syrup instead of artificial sweeteners like aspartame in yogurt.

Day 3 - Agave nectar gummies - Dr. Oz said that agave nectar won't burn out your taste bud like artificial sweeteners will. You will have less cravings for sugar when you use this as a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Arctic Zero Bars - If you are looking for an after dinner dessert, try Arctic Zero Ice Cream Bars.  They are low in calories and contain no artificial sweeteners.

Days 5-7 Cut diet soda's out of your diet.  Instead try the following Dr. Oz soda alternative root beer and orange soda recipes.

Dr. Oz Alternative Root Beer Recipe

1 teaspoon of agave nectar
1 teaspoon of sarsparilla extract
8 ounces of seltzer water

Dr. Oz Alternative Orange Soda Recipe

Orange juice
Selzter water
Ideally, mix in the juice of 2 oranges into the seltzer water.

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Dr. Oz 7 Solutions For Pain, Headaches, and Back Pain

Dr Oz, 7 Solutions For Pain, January 9 2012, Headaches, Back Pain

Dr. Oz 7 Solutions For Pain on the Dr. Oz January 9 2012 Show

Today (January 9, 2012) Dr. Oz talks about how he can turn your health around in just 7 days!  Learn how you can stop your aches, pains, and headaches without the need for prescription medications!  Learn how to conquer fatigue and combat the battle against cellulite.  In just one week your entire life can be rejuvenated and 2012 can be your healthiest year yet.

Dr. Oz 7 Solutions For Pain

7 Day Solutions To Conquer Your Biggest Health Problems

Pain -  Millions of Americans suffer from pain on a daily basis.  Pain can be debilitating and make living life nearly unbearable.  Dr. Oz mentioned the fact that 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain! 4 our of 5 people will suffer from back pain.  With those shocking numbers it's easy to see why dealing with pain is one of our biggest health problems we are facing. With so many people experiencing pain, addiction to pain killers has reached epidemic proportions!

  • Lower Back Pain - The minerals in your muscles help to keep them working properly.  Without enough minerals in your body your muscles can lock up on you and this can cause painful spasms. Dr. Oz suggests Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium supplement to help prevent muscle spasms and back pain.  Also check out the Dr. Oz Acuball For Back Pain episode.
  • Neck Pain - There are three "P's" associated with back pain. 1. Purse - Carrying too heavy of a purse can cause back pain by causing you to tilt over which creates an imbalanced spine. 2. Pressure - Daily stresses and tension are often held in the neck. 3. Posture - When you don't have a good posture your spine has to deal with extra weight and this can cause neck pain.  Dr. Oz suggests that you use a posture pillow to sleep with at night.
  • Nerve pain from herniated discs - when you twist your spine your discs can become inflamed causing severe pain. Dr. Oz suggests an all natural anti-inflammatory called White Willow Bark. White Willow Bark works in much the same way as aspirin does.  
  • Foot pain - The sciatic nerve goes all the way down to your toes.  This pain is usually caused by compressed nerves.  Dr. Oz suggests placing a ball on a chair and sitting on the ball on the outer thigh of your leg. Roll back and forth on the ball.  This will massage the nerves and release some of the compression that is causing your foot and leg pain.
  • Joint pain - joint pain occurs when the lining in your joints get eroded away. Dr. Oz suggests Arniflora Arnica Gel.  Arniflora Arnica Gel is a homeopathic remedy that will help relieve joint pain. He also suggests orthodic soul inserts to put in your shoes.
  • Headaches - 9 out of 10 women report suffering from tension headaches.  Dr. Oz suggests laying on your back and touching each knee to your nose. If you can't touch your knee to your nose then raise them as high to your chest as you can.  Mid-day headaches are usually caused by stress.  Dr. Oz suggests using spices to alleviate headaches.  Ginger reduces inflammation.  Tumeric is an anti-inflammatory and is highly effective at reducing headaches.   For night time headaches Dr. Oz suggests hibiscus tea.

Break Your Sugar Addiction In 7 Days