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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dr. Oz October 17-21, 2011 Episodes, Book of 40,

Dr. Oz Show October 17 - 21, 2011 Episodes

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Monday October 17, 2011 - Book Of 40

Dr. Oz October 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Episodes
This episode is the "Survival Guide To The Best Decade Of Your Life!" Dr. Oz talks about tips that you can utilize that will make life after 40 the best years of your life. Rejuvenate your health and vigor to the days of your youth.  Book Of 40 Show

Tuesday October 18, 2011 - Dr. Oz's $1000 dollar savings plan episode

We all want to eat nutritious foods, but eating healthy can be costly.  Learn how to eat healthy and save money at the same time on Dr. Oz's $1000 dollar savings plan episode.  Find out Dr. Oz's one dollar quick fixes, and how to put up to $1000 dollars back into your pocket.

Wednesday October 19, 2011 - ADHD, The diagnosis that can save your marriage.

Dr. Oz talks about how ADHD affects over 8 million Americans and 75% of those inflicted with ADHD are undiagnosed. He talks about the warning signs to look out for. Could ADHD be affecting your relationships or marriage? What the ADHD Dr. Oz Episode to find out.

Thursday October 20, 2011 - 700 LB Woman Returns To Show

Dr. Oz has on a guest who weighed over 700 LB's.  This is the third time that she has appeared on the show. He challenged her to lose 100 LB's in 6 months. Did she do it? Read to see if the 700 LB Woman Lost 100 LB's in 6 Months.

Friday October 21, 2011 - 5 Tests You Must Take Today

There are 5 tests that Dr. Oz wants you to take today that can change your life for the better.  Learn about the 5 top ways that people are destroying their health and what you can do to prevent this.

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