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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dr Oz, 700 LB Woman Returns, Did She Lose 100 LBs in 6 Mo?

The 700 LB Woman Returns To The Dr. Oz Show

October 20, 2011

6 months ago Dr. Oz had on a guest named Colleen Williams. She weighed over 700 LBs and has been one of the most requested guests ever since.  Dr. Oz challenged her to lose 100 LBs in 6 months and today she came back to see Dr. Oz to report her progress!

700 LB Woman Returns To Dr. Oz Show
Colleen Williams has been addicted to food her entire life.  She understood the health ramifications that is taking her toll on her body but couldn't get herself to stop eating in such an unhealthy way.  6 months ago she could only take about 30 steps before she felt winded.  At night while her and her husband slept, he would have to sleep at the end of the bed so she has enough room.  She felt like a burden to her husband because it had gotten to the point that she could no longer take care of herself.

Dr. Oz initially challenged Colleen to lose the weight and at first she did well and lost 30 pounds. Then she quit her diet and only lost one more LB.. So Dr. Oz sent her to North Carolina for 30 days to a facility to work on diet and weight loss.

So Did Colleen Lose The Weight in 6 Months?

Colleen came out walking much better than she did 6 months ago!  Dr. Oz let her know that he didn't enjoy being harsh on her but he felt like everything that he was saying to her was falling on deaf ears. He wasn't getting through to her initially.  She said that everything she learned at the weight loss facility (called the Structure House in North Carolina) was a life changing experience.  She began seeing herself in a new light and started seeing hope for herself.

Colleen initially weighed 700 LB's on the show.  Dr. Oz took her over to the scale to see if she met her goal to lose 100 pounds.  Dr. Oz said that he was probably more nervous than she was.  She weighed in at 581 pounds.  Colleen lost 120 LB's in 6 months!  Needless to say, this brought tears to Colleen's eyes.  After telling Colleen how proud he was, he then told her that this journey isn't over.  She has more to lose and to remember all the tools that she has learned to get her where she is at today.

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