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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dr. Oz, National Sex Survey, Sex Life, Libido, Foreplay Questions

Dr Oz's National Sex Survey - Sex Life, Libido, and Foreplay Questions

October 14, 2011

Dr. Oz National Sex Survey, Libido, Foreplay
On today's show Dr. Oz revealed the results of the National Sex Survey that they conducted and some of the results may shock you. He asked the audience of women when was the last year that they had "mind blowing" sex. The years varied throughout the audience but none of them said 2011. The survey said that 59% of women are faking orgasm and 70% of women prefer to have sex with the lights off. 80% of the survey participants said that their best sex was in their 20's and 30's.

Dr. Oz noticed that a woman from the audience had "1985" on her t-shirt (which displayed the last year she had great sex) and he asked her why she hasn't had great sex in so long. She said that she thinks it is because of stress. Back in 1985 she was 21 years old and didn't have the daily life stresses that she has had ever since.

Many of the women in Dr. Oz's audience don't think they are sexy anymore and that their best years are behind them. Dr. Oz said that this way of thinking needs to be changed and today he is going to show you some ways to bring great sex back into your life.

Here are some of the National Sex Survey results that they revealed on the show.

Would you like more or less sex in your life than what you are having now?

  • 93% want more sex
  • 7% Want less sex
Dr. Oz had on an OB/GYN and medical news correspondent, Jennifer Ashton, and asked her why many women aren't satisfied with their sex life.  She said that the National Sex Survey showed that the three main areas that women aren't satisfied with are :
  • Their foreplay
  • Their libido
  • Their partner

How long would you like foreplay to last?

  • 58% said 10-30 minutes (Dr. Oz said that hew was speechless when he heard the results to this. He said "men listen up" because he had no idea that women wanted this much foreplay.
  • 35% said 5-10 minutes of foreplay
  • 7% said over 30 minutes of foreplay

What Is Your Favorite Aphrodisiac?

  • 36% Wine
  • 35% Having partner help around the house
  • 14% Scented candles
  • 13% Chocolate
  • 2% Oysters
Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that spices in your home (to be eaten and not put in genital areas!) can help improve blood flow. Also Korean Red Ginseng has been shown to increase your libido. She then said that stiletto's can engage the muscles in a woman's pelvic floor and this can improve your sex life!

How would you describe the state of your libido?

  • 52% Average
  • 27% Better than ever
  • 21% Nonexistent

Is sex ever painful?

  • 53% All or some of the time
  • 47% Never
Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that vaginal dryness is the biggest culprit to this problem. She said that most women just reach for vaginal lubrication products as the first remedy for this problem. She said that she thinks this is one of the worst things that you can do.  She said that there are many chemical irritants in over the counter lubrication products that can do more harm than good.  Dr. Ashton recommends that following ways to improve lubrication problems :
  1. Saliva
  2. Safflower Oil
  3. Vaginal Estrogen
Dr. Oz asked Jennifer Ashton what women can do. She said that the most important thing women can do is to communicate with your partner and your doctor if you are having libido issues or problems in your sex life.

Dr. Ashton also recommends using a vibrator. She said a generation ago this may have been taboo but not anymore. She said that it is great for nerves, blood flow, and inexpensive!

Who tends to initiate sex?

  • 58% of women wait for their partner to initate sex
Dr. Oz gave the women a tip.  When guys itch their nose it may mean that they are ready for sex.  The reason being is that when a man is aroused and blood flows to his penis it also flows to the tissues in the nose and this causes it to itch.

Does size really matter?

  • 57% No
  • 43% Yes
Dr. Ashton says that it's all about knowing how to please a woman and knowing how to use what they've got.

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