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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dr. Oz, Stomach Cancer Risks, Symptoms, Warning Signs

Stomach Cancer Risks and Symptoms

Today (January 5, 2012) Dr. Oz talked about stomach cancer risks and symptoms that you should be aware of.The cancer that has been termed the "silent killer" was at one time on the decline but since 1993 the trend has reversed and stomach cancers have been on the rise. 

Warning Signs and Symptoms For Stomach Cancer

Dr. Oz brought on two physicians who specialize in this field to ask them about warning signs and symptoms for stomach cancer :
    Dr. Oz Stomach Cancer Risks, Symptoms, and Warning Signs
  • Low appetite or getting full fast
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
How does stomach cancer forms

When you think of where your stomach is inside your body you probably think of it in the center of your midsection, however that is not the case. Dr. Oz pointed out that your stomach is actually located in the upper left of your abdomen behind your liver in the shape of a C.

After you swallow your food down your esophagus it goes into the stomach. Your stomach consists of 5 layers with the duty of digesting your food. Your stomach creates acids to digests your food. However, if you have H-Pylori bacteria in your stomach it can hinder this process. H-Pylori invades the cells in your stomach that protect you from stomach acid. Without this protection the acid destroys the stomach tissue which is an open invitation for cancer cells to form and grow.

Stomach Cancer Risk Factors

  • Smoked and processed meats (hotdogs, bacon, sausage, etc...) - Processed meats always seems to be one of the risk factors when it comes to cancer. Stomach cancer is no exception.  The nitrates in processed meats react with your muscle tissue during the cooking process.
  • Salty, fermented foods - Populations that have the highest rates of stomach cancer have the highest rates of salt in their diet.
  • H. Pylori Bacteria - Dr. Oz gave the shocking statistic thathalf of us are infected with H. Pylori. He said that H. Pylori damage the protective layers in the stomach and can increase your risks of getting stomach cancer.  To not alarm everybody, he said that the vast majority of people that have H. Pylori will not get stomach cancer.  You can ask your doctor to have tests done to see if you have H. Pylori bacteria in your body.
  • Family history
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