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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dr. Oz, Lies, Myths About Cancer

 Dr. Oz, Lies and Myths About Cancer

 June 16, 2011

1. You don't have cancer cells inside of you

Everyone has microscopic cancers growing inside of us all the time. It only takes one cell to mutate to form into a dangerous cancer. Usually our immune system will take care of the potentially deadly cells before they mutate.  You should avoid cigarette smoke, including second hand smoke. Avoid processed meats because there are nitrates in them that can become carcinogens.  You should also avoid excessive alcohol intake.

2. You can't catch cancer

Cartain kinds of cancers that are caused by bacteria and virus. HPV is a virus spread by sexual contact that can cause certain kinds of cancers.  Approximately 20 million people have the HPV virus. Hepatitis B can cause liver damage that can turn cancerous.

3.  The only place to check for breast cancer is your breast

Dr. Oz says that it's important to check yourself once a month.  The assisting doctor said that you should check all areas of the breast. Breast tissue lymph nodes go all the way above the clavicle into the neck area.  You should also check your under arms for lumps. Some breast cancers don't even present a lump.  Dimpling of the skin can also be a sign of breast cancer.

4. You can only get female cancers from your mother 

This is a myth and simply not true. You have two copies of genes. One copy from the mother, and one from the father. You should know your family history on both sides of your family!  Dr. Oz says the genes may load the gun, but its your environment and the foods that you eat that pull the trigger.

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