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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nuttzo Organic Peanut Butter, Dr Oz Cant Live Without, Review

Nuttzo Organic Peanut Butter Is What Dr. Oz Can't Live Without

At the very end of today's 9-19-2011 show Dr. Oz talked about the secret thing that he couldn't live without.  Dr. Oz says that he keeps Nuttzo in his pantry and in his office at work.  He said that Nuttzo is a organic 7 nut and seed peanut butter alternative that is so delicious that he eats it directly out of the jar almost everyday.

Nuttzo is high in Omega 3's. He said just 2 tablespoons provide you with 50& of what you need of AMA Omega 3's. He said it costs a little more than regular peanut butter in stores but it is very healthy and very delicious. Be sure to check out what customers who have purchased Nuttzo think about this healthy peanut butter.  Read Nuttzo Organic Peanut Butter Customer Reviews
Nuttzo Organic Peanut Butter, Dr. Oz

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