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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dr. Oz, Health Secrets From The Mediterranean Prevents Disease

Health Secrets From The Mediterranean Can Help Prevent Disease

Today's show (Sept. 7, 2011) Dr. Oz Show had a segment on the Mediterranean Diet and how it can prevent serious diseases such as Alzheimers, Heart Disease, and Cancer. Dr. Oz said that people from the Mediterranean live longer and have less health problems. Dr. Oz revealed health secrets from the Mediterranean Diet that we all can infuse into our daily diets for better health.

Health Secrets Of The Mediterranean

Did you know that if you lived in the Mediterranean you would be at a 22% lower risk of ever developing breast cancer? You will also be 40 percent less likely to get Alzheimer's Disease, and 20 percent less likely to suffer from heart problems. People from the Mediterranean are considered by many as being the healthiest people in the world!

Mediterranean Health Secret From Italy : Tomato Sauce

Dr. Oz had on a guest physician named Marco Di Buono who is a PHD and also a Nutrition Scientist. He said that people who live in the Mediterranean eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and red wine. Having these foods as a regular staple in your diet lowers your risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer!

Italian Health Secret - Dr. Oz said that tomato sauce has compounds that offers your body protection from fats in your blood.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Mediterranean Pyramid From Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz had a display set up of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid consists of fruits and vegetables. On the Mediterranean Diet you are supposed to have 7 servings of fruits and veggies each day.

Right above the fruits and veggies on the pyramid is olive oil, nuts, and one glass of red wine. Fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy are the next level up. You should have two servings of these foods each week. The top level (the foods you should have the least) of the diet pyramid is meats and sweets. It is suggested that you should limit these foods to a couple of times a month.

Greece Health Secret

Dr. Oz said that there have been studies of the people living in Greece. The healthiest people in the study were shown that they sit down to their meals together. Another Greece health secret is to take a 15 minute nap during the day and to take a walk every day. Dr. Oz said that taking a 15 minute walk reduces your blood pressure and lowers your risk of Alzheimers.

Health Secrets Of Turkey

Dr. Oz said that nuts are eaten regularly in Turkey. He said that nuts can be found everywhere you go. Yes, nuts are high in fat, but it's the healthy fat that protects your heart! Dr. Oz said that when you eat healthy fats instead of saturated fats your cholesterol goes down. Nuts also have the added benefit of being rich in fiber.

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