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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dr Oz Five Dollar Fridays, Stress, Sleep, Weight Loss $5 Fixes

Five Dollar Fridays - Stress, Sleep Problems, and Weight Loss $5 Fixes

Today's September 9, 2011 Dr. Oz Show was about $5 fixes to help you lose weight, get that good nights sleep you desire, and to wipe away your stress. Dr. Oz let the audience and tv view know that you don't always need money to achieve effective and long lasting results when it comes to your health.

$5 Dollar Fixes To Help You Lose Weight

You don't need to spend a day at the spa to massage all of your stress away.  Dr. Oz came up with the idea of simply using a pool noodle to give yourself a massage. Pull out that pull noodle that you have stashed in the closet, lay down and give it a try!

Reduce Your Stress With A Glass Of Wine

Dr. Oz said that there is cheap wine out there that truly does taste good and it can help you relax. He suggested "Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red Wine" (which costs $4.49). Have you ever wondered why wine can help you to relax and ease your stress?  Dr. Oz said that wine relaxes the neurotransmitters in your body that are contributors to stress.  Read how red wine fits in with the Mediterranean Diet to help you lose weight.

Dr. Oz sleep tips on $5 Fridays
Sleep Tips On $5 Dollar Fridays on Dr. Oz Show
Improve Your Sleep At Night

A restful nights sleep is so important to how we live our daily lives.  When you aren't getting a good nights sleep it effects your entire life. So what did Dr. Oz suggest on $5 Friday?  He said that "white noise" relaxes you and puts you in a better frame of mind to fall asleep.  He said it works great at masking external noises around you and you will be less likely to wake up as much during the night.  You can download white noise on the internet for approximately 99 cents.

Liquid Melatonin

Another great way to help you fall asleep at night is liquid melatonin.  Dr. Oz said to add two teaspoons to your tea at night before you go to bed.  Dr. Oz said that melatonin is found in your body naturally but you produce less the older that you get. Chamomile calms the central nervous system and acts as a natural tranquilizer. You can buy liquid melatonin for less that $5.00 online or in health food stores.

Psyllium Supplements To Help You Lose Weight

Dr. Oz is a big proponent of fiber because it helps your feel full, reduces your cravings, and keeps your sugar levels stabilized.  He suggested Psyllium Supplements to add extra fiber to your diet. He said that most people in America do not consume enough fiber in their diet.

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