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Monday, September 12, 2011

Anti Aging Beauty Secrets, Purslane, Noni Juice, Macadamia Nuts

Anti Aging Beauty Secrets, Purslane, Noni Juice, Macadamia

Dr. Oz said over the summer he traveled all around the world talking to women who shared with him the beauty secrets that they use to help them look and feel younger.  So today (9/12/2011) Dr. Oz shared with his viewers the secrets that he found. Also be sure to check out the Dr. Oz 5 Steps Plan To Blast Away Belly Fat.

Beauty Secret #1 Purslane

Purslane  - Dr. Oz said that the first place he visited was his parents birthplace in Turkey. He said that Purslane helps keep your skin nice and plump and it rejuvenates the skin. He said that Purslane can now be found in many grocery stores and it is becoming more popular. He said that Purslane has vitamins A, C, E, CoQ10. He said that these antioxidants helps protect the skin from damage. He said that his family mixes Purslane with yogurt and garlic.

Dr. Oz Beauty Secrets From Around The World

Beauty Secret #2 - Macadamia Nut Oil

The second beauty secret Dr. Oz talked about comes from Australia.  When he was visiting Australia he asked people what kind of beauty secrets from around the house that they used.  They said that often have Macadamia nuts around the house, so what they would do is massage Macadamia nut oil into their scalps as a hair moisterizer.  Dr. Oz said that it works because of the palmitoleic acid that is in it. He said that palmitoleic acid is naturally found in the skin anyway so when you moisturize your scalp with it you are giving it the nutrients that it needs and is lacking. 

Beauty Secret #3 - Noni Juice

When Dr. Oz was in Hawaii he asked them what kind of at home products do they use for beauty. One of the responses he heard the most was Noni Juice. He said Noni Juice has powerful anti-aging properties. He said that besides the wonderful benefits that it can do within your body, he said that it also helps the appearance of your skin. Dr. Oz says that it lowers inflammation.

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