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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dr. Oz Blast That Belly Fat Plan, Fiber Pack, Belly Band

Dr. Oz Blast That Belly Fat Plan

Dr. Oz 5 Steps To Conquer Belly Fat Plan
 9-12-2011 Show

Today's September 12, 2011 Dr. Oz Show was all new season 3 premiere. Dr. Oz had 200 women in the audience with one common goal, to lose their unwanted belly fat! Today's show was called "5 Steps To Conquer Your Belly Fat.  Also be sure to check out Dr. Oz's Beauty Secrets From Around The World from today's 9-12-2011 show.

Everyone hates belly fat, but Dr. Oz hates belly fat for far more than outward appearance or for vanity reasons. Dr. Oz hates belly fat because of what it is doing to your insides and how belly fat contributes to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. On today's show Dr. Oz gives you all the tips that you need to succeed in the battle against belly fat.

First off, Dr. Oz said that you need to "Get real" about your bodies. To help him with the show Dr. Oz had on a guest comedian to help him with today's segment. He sent her to New York and she set up a Belly Booth.  She had women come up to the belly booth who were walking around the mall to show part with their shapewear.  Dr. Oz asked her how hard it was to part with their shapewear. She said it was like asking a woman to part with their cell phone or a limb from their body!

Dr. Oz said that when you get excess belly fat it's hard to get rid of other fat in your body.  Dr. Oz showed the crowd of what four pounds of belly fat actually looks like. Dr. Oz said that think of it as a bomb that is inside of your body and when it explodes it excretes all kinds of chemicals throughout your body.

Dr. Oz 5 Steps To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

Step #1 - Eating In Reverse - Dr. Oz said that you should eat your carbohydrates early in the day so you can burn them all off and not let them accumulate inside your body.

Step #2 - Create A Fiber Pack - Dr. Oz said that women should be eating 25 grams of fiber each day.  In Dr. Oz's plan you should have 12 grams of fiber in the morning and he suggests :
  1. Gnu Banana Walnut Fiber bar
  2. One Cup of Kashi Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble
  3. One Small Orange
  4. One single 3 Gram Pack Of Metamucil
Step #3 - Red Wine (This got quite an applause on the show) - Dr. Oz said to drink one glass daily with dinner

Step #4 - Confuse Your Muscles - Dr. Oz said when you do the same workout routine your muscles know what is coming at them so they get resistant to change. He said that you should vary your workout throughout the week.

Step #5 - Make A Belly Band - Dr. Oz said to find out what your waist size is, then you should also find out what your GOAL waistline is in inches.  You then cut a ribbon to your goal waistline. So as your trying to lose weight you can wrap your belly band around you to find out your progress and how much further you need to go.

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