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Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Oz, Sleep Phones For Healthy Sleep, Insomnia

Dr. Oz Sleep Phones For Healthy Sleep, Insomnia

June 3, 2011

On June 3, 2011 Dr. Oz featured a product that many don't know about but is highly effective for some people who want to fall asleep, avoid insomnia, and don't want to take sleep inducing sedatives which can be addicting.

Sleep Phones

Let the stress melt away with soothing and soft Sleep Phone. They claim to be the most comfortable headphones for falling asleep and the customer reviews seem to verify their claim!  These phones are silky soft and can be washed. The headband is made of fleece and is virtually unnoticeable as you drift off to sleep.

Regular headphones (and ear buds) aren't conducive to sleep in. Sleep Phones wont slip off and are perfect for sleeping. Sleep phones are great for blocking out distracting (insomnia causing) noise disturbances.  The Sleep Phone will connect to any audio device. MP3, Ipod, Stereo, etc...

Fall asleep to rolling waves, a soft rain, or even your favorite sleep inducing songs.

Read Dozens of Sleep Phone customer reviews and see what they have to say!

Sleep Phones, As Seen on Dr. Oz

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