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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dr. Oz, Cuisipro Fat Separator, Customer Reviews

Cuisipro Fat Separator

As Seen on Dr. Oz

This seemed like a very useful appliance to have in a kitchen. Everyone has seen the layer of fat that rises to the top of soups and gravy. So when you pour it on to your plate or bowl all you get is the fat and not all of the delicious juices.

The Cuisipro Fat Separator takes care of this problem.  This fantastic device has the spout valve on the bottom so when you pour, all of the juices from the bottom are poured out and the layer of fat remains inside the fat separator.  Now you can really bring out the flavor of your dishes without all of the fat!

Most fat separators that you see on the market have a spout at the base that will separate the juices from the fat. However, there is the problem of the fat and juice splashing up the spout when you initially our the fatty liquid into the separator.  The Cuisipro Fat Separator has a patented system that blocks out the base of the container until all of the fat has been separated. The result is that no fat ever enters the spout!

I am really surprised I haven't heard of this before. It seems like such a simple concept.  The Cuisipro Fat Separator is a kitchen appliance that will actually be used time and time again.

Cuisipro Fat Separator

As Seen On The Doctor Oz Show

They only cost between 10 and 20 dollars (depending on the size that you get). Very affordable appliance for its usefullness.

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