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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dr. Oz, 28 Day Body Makeover, The Guru and You, Book Reviews

Dr. Oz 28 Day Makeover

Holistic Overhaul and Rejuvenation

On the 6/24/2011 Dr. Oz Show he had on a guest named Yogi Cameron Alborzian. He talked about a 28 day body makeover meant to give your body a holistic overhaul and rejuvenation. Yogi Cameron said that his 28 day holistic makeover will help you tremendously if you feel stressed, tired, and unhealthy in general.

Yogi Cameron first got into yoga after his best friend passed away. He went to India to study yoga and to find his "guru". He decided that he wanted to become a yoga teacher and help others find physical, and spiritual enrichment through the practice of yoga.

Yogi Cameron Alborzian ended up spending 10 years in India studying yoga. He wakes up at 5 AM in the morning to practice yoga and spends another 2-3 hours at night.  His clientele includes housewives, professionals, and even celebrities.  He spends time to check out their eyes, their tongue, pulse, and what kinds of food they have been eating.

Dr. Oz was very curious about Yogi Cameron's 28 day body makeover. Cameron said it is all about how much that you want to change. It has to come from within. When you are tired of "feeling tired" then you are ready for the 28 day body makeover and you will be ready for rejuvenation to begin.

Dr. Oz had on a woman who wanted to be healthy, but wasn't living a healthy lifestyle whatsoever.  She said that her body felt toxic and lethargic. Her diet consisted of fast foods, potato chips, cookies, etc... She associated the sluggish feeling as almost feeling hungover.  The woman is 45 years old, but she said that she felt like she was 60! Before the show she had tests done and Dr. Oz revealed the results on the show.

The results were :
  • Her weight was 184 lbs
  • Her waistline was 39" (Dr. Oz said that for her size she should be under 37")
  • Her blood sugar was 100 (Dr. Oz said that she is pre-diabetic and is at risk for diabetes and all the complications that come with it).
Yogi Cameron said that it is very important for people to have hobbies that distract you from food. People often eat because of boredom.

Dr. Oz showed a picture of Yogi Cameron's book "The Guru and You". Read Yogi Cameron's Book Reviews. You can also purchase "The Guru and You" book online or at major book outlets and retailers.

Yogi Cameron's The Guru In You, Book

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