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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan, How She Lost Weight

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan and How She Lost Her Weight

Jennifer Hudson burst into the National Limelight and straight into the hearts of people all around the world when she starred on American Idol. Since then she has went on to win an Oscar and is now an author of a best selling book as well!  Now, Jennifer Hudson has inspired men and women all around the world with her successful weight loss and body transformation that has taken place.  On January 10, 2012 episode Jennifer lets the audience and Dr. Oz in on her secrets, vegetable lasagna recipe, and exercise routines that has led to her weight loss.

How Jennifer Hudson Lost Her Weight

So, you have seen the pictures, and the commercials of Jennifer Hudson's new body.  The question is, how did she accomplish this feat.  Was it just her diet? Does she exercise regularly?  Today Jennifer reveals her diet secrets, recipes, and exercise routine that have led to her success.

Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss Diet

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan on Dr. Oz
Jennifer told Dr. Oz that she has been battling weight her entire life.  Every since she was a young child, weight has always been an issue.  After she became a Hollywood celebrity the pressure to lose weight increased even more.  She said that after she gave birth to her son, she knew that she needed to lose weight.  She turned to Weight Watchers for help.  She achieved so much success with Weight Watchers that she became a spokeswoman for the company! She said that for full details about her weight loss struggles, she discusses them full in Jennifer Hudson's book, "I Got This".
Jennifer Hudson's Weight Watchers Plan

Dr. Oz asked Jennifer what prompted her to lose the weight.  She said that she first had to come to grips witht he fact that she had a weight problem.  Then she had do decide that she was ready to commit to losing the weight.  The next step was to join Weight Watchers.  Jennifer said that she thinks you have to truly be ready to lose the weight for it to be a long term success. 

Jennifer Hudson told Dr. Oz that after she had her baby, she wanted to set a healthy example for her child.  After the baby she knew she had to get out of the "pregnant way of eating" mentality. Jennifer had a C section during her labor so exercise wouldn't be part of the weight loss equation at least initially, so changing her eating habits came first. She said that her weight loss goals inspired her entire family and that a whopping 175 members of her family followed suit and joined Weight Watchers as well!

Dr. Oz asked about her emotions since she lost lost weight.  Jennifer smiled and said, "empowerment".  She said that she has accomplished many amazing things during her young career but accomplishing a personal goal that has affected her entire life was truly empowering.  She learned that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Jennifer Hudson revealed to Dr. Oz that there were many times in her life when she thought that she would never be able to lose the weight, and that it would always be there. She finally realized that she was making excuses to not lose the weight.  She said that you shouldn't beat yourself up. She closed with some very good advice.  Lose weight for yourself and never for anyone else!

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