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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dr. Oz Supplement For Weight Loss, Sea Buckthorn June 2, 2011

Dr. Oz Supplement For Weight Loss, Sea Buckthorn June 2, 2011

Sea Buckthorn Weight Loss Supplement

Dr. Oz spoke very highly of the new "miracle berry" (as he called it), called Sea Buckthorn. On his June 2, 2011 show he had a segment on Sea Buckthorn. You can purchase it in the form of softgel capsules, oil, and bottles of juice.

What was really interesting was a study that scientists performed that fed mice the exact same diet. The control group of mice that were given Sea Buckthorn maintained a healthy weight. The group didn't take the supplement were grossly overweight and developed weight related illnesses.

He said that the reason the group of mice that were given Sea Buckthorn didn't gain weight was because the "miracle berry" has nutrient chemicals in the berry that signaled the brain to not maintain excess fat from the foods that you eat.  The comparison between the "Sea Buckthorn" supplements mouse, in comparison to the mouse without any supplementation was shocking!  Here is a photo that was similar to the Sea Buckthorn study that was shown on Dr. Oz on the June 2 Show :

Fat Mouse On Dr. Oz Show

Doctor Oz said that Sea Buckthorn contains Omega 7, which is rare in natural form. This fatty acid helps promote weight loss, a healthy cardiovascular system, and ward off diabetes.

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