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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dr Oz Recharge Body, Sense, Skin, Sex Life, Libido, Joint Pain

5 Ways To Recharge Your Body

October 12, 2011

Dr. Oz asked his viewers to tell him what you are most afraid of losing. Viewers responded by the 1000's!!  Dr. Oz took the top 5 complaints and came up with a plan.  These are the top 5 things that the viewers are most afraid of losing. Looks, energy, sex drive, memory,

Elevate Your Senses

Day #1 Sense of touch - Dr. Oz had on a guest who said that her senses have diminished as she has grown older. He said that thousands of others had this same complaint.  Dr. Oz said that your nerves need proper insulation to function properly. He recommends Vitamin B 12 to help with this problem (10MCG Daily.)

Dr. Oz 5 Ways To Recharge Body, Libido, Skin, Sex LifeSense of taste - Dr. Oz told the the guest who appeared on this segment that people who have gained weight, their taste buds don't appreciate the sense of taste as much.  If you are lacking in the sense of taste this can mean you have a zinc deficiency. Dr. Oz recommends 15 mg of zinc everyday. He said that your sense of taste will begin to be restored in 2-3 weeks.

Sense of smell - there is a taste test that everyone can take. Use a small square alcohol packet and open it at waist level. See if you can smell it at this level.  Then move the alcohol swab closer to your nose and notice when you can smell it.  If you can smell it when it is 8-12 inches away this is normal. If you have to get the alcohol towelette closer than that then it is not normal.  Dr. Oz said that there is a supplement that will help a lot if your sense of smell has deteriorated.  He recommends Alpha Lipoic Acid (600 mg daily) to help if your sense of smell has diminished.

Dry Skin and Wrinkles

Day #2 of Dr. Oz's 5 day plan to recharge your body is to spice up your skin. He said that there are two spices that when combined together are great for improving dry skin and removing wrinkles. They are nutmeg and cinnamon.  He said to Brew 2 cups of cinnamon and nutmeg to use as a body wash.  Nutmeg works to turn of the cells in your body that make the pigments (will help improve your "glow).  The cinnamon helps by plumping up your skin. This will help reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.  To make the brew use 6 teaspoons of cinnamon and nutmeg. Put the cinnamon and nutmeg in a coffee filter and brew two cups.

Sex Life and Libido Problems

Day #3 in Dr. Oz's plan to recharge your body is to "Spark up your sex life." A woman was featured who said that in the past few years her libido has diminished. She said that her husband is always "in the mood" and she rarely is. She asked Dr. Oz if he could help improve their sex life.  He said that your hormone levels have a lot to do with your libido and sex life.  Dr. Oz set out 6 food on the table with a line down the middle. He said that 3 of the foods are good for your sex life, and three of the foods are bad for your sex life.  The foods that she had to choose from were pears, garlic, coffee, anemone, sauerkraut, and watermelon.  The three helpful foods are :

Foods to improve your sex life and libido
  • Watermelon - Pears and water mellon has an amino acid that increases blood flow to the genetalia. 
  • Pears - 
  • Garlic - Has a chemical called allicin in it that works by opening your blood vessels and improving blood flow.
Foods that are bad for your sex life and libido
  • Anemone - Dr. Oz said that anemone's are good for you but there are phytoestrogens in soy.  This can distrupt the hormonal ration of testosterone (the libido giving formula in women too) and estrogen. He did say that you have to consume quite a bit of them for this to be a problem.
  • Coffee - Dr. Oz said that the problem with coffee is that it spikes the stress hormone cortisol.  He said that there is nothing like cortisol that will destroy your libido.
  • Sauerkraut - Dr. Oz said that a serving of sauerkraut is loaded with salt so that is why it was listed as a "bad food" for your sex life. However, he said that if you wash the salt off it is not.

Joint pain and mobility problems

Dr. Oz said he was very surprised at the amount of people that have problems with joint pain and mobility problems.  He said in your joints you may have cartilage rubbing against bone continuously. As you age your cartilage can wear away.  He suggests Arniflora Gel to help with joint pain.  Rub it on to your knee (or where you are having joint pain) and wrap it up with an ace bandage if possible.

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