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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Dr. Oz Wants In Your Purse and What He Doesn't

What Dr. Oz Wants In Your Purse and What He Doesn't

Do You Have Too Much In Your Purse?

Dr. Oz Purse To Heavy
Today they weighed the purses of all the women audience members who came to the show. The purses weighed 403 pounds altogether.

Dr. Oz brought up the two women who had the heaviest purses. They had everything from kids toys, to novels, to bottled water, to hair spray.  Dr. Oz explained that when you put a heavy purse over your shoulder it causes should and neck pain. It is also a big contributor to headaches.  When women complain to Dr. Oz about headaches he first asks them what size of the head the headache is occurring. If the woman says it's one side then the problem is often the purse.

He said much of the problem with the purse is of course the weight. Another problem is the straps. Purses with rounded straps will bore down into your shoulders and cut off your circulation. He says that it's better to find a purse with a wide strap.

Dr. Oz also said that carrying a heavy purse by your side is also bad.  It causes a lot of strain to your lower back. So what you should do is buy a purse with a long strap to you can cross it over your other shoulder so all the weigh isn't on one side.

How Heavy Should Your Purse Be? Dr. Oz said that you should weigh your purse. Ideally the weight should be 3-5 pounds.

What Essentials You Should Have In Your Purse

Aches And Pains - 2 Ibuprofen or 2 Acetaminophen?

Dr. Oz said the reason why he likes Ibuprofen more is because it works better.  He also said that if you are needing to take Ibuprofen for more than a few days in a row you should go see a doctor just in case.

What should you keep in your purse in case you get hungry? Walnuts or Almonds?

The answer to this question was almonds. Dr. Oz says that you should keep a 1/4 cup of almonds in your purse. It helps to satisfy hunger pangs and cravings when they start. He said that walnuts can go rancid at room temperatures.

In case you missed it :

In case you missed the opening segment in the show, Dr. Oz talked to a woman who wants to become the fattest woman in the world.

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