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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dr. Oz Near Death Experiences, What Happens When You Die

Dr. Oz Near Death Experiences, What Happens When You Die

Today's September 29, 2011 Dr. Oz Show was about happens after you die. Dr. Oz had on real people who have had near death experiences. These people were clinically flat-lined and amazingly came back to life.  These people believe that they have seen the other side. They share their stories of their near death experiences with the audience, Dr. Oz and the viewers at home.

Near Death Experiences
Dr. Oz said that many doctors don't believe in near death experiences.  However, Dr. Oz says that as a surgeon he has seen it from both sides.  He said that what he has learned from his patients has changed the way he believes about life and death.

He said to imagine that if you were in an accident or suffered sudden cardiac arrest. Then imagine as your body is in severe distress you only feel calm. You can view yourself from above and the doctors working on you trying to save your life. You then see fragments of your life flash by.  You then see a tunnel and at the end there is a bright light.  We call this a near death experience. He said that nearly 800 people experience this every single day.

Dr. Oz said that one of these near death experiences even happened to a patient of his. His name is George. He said that George needed heart surgery but Dr. Oz didn't think that he would be able to survive. George wanted Dr. Oz to proceed with the surgery anyway.  George started hemorrhaging and Dr. Oz couldn't get the bleeding to stop.  Dr. Oz said that after three days a miracle occurred that he will never forget. The bleeding stopped.  He then got a call from the intensive care unit that George was awake and waiting for him.

When Dr. Oz saw him, George didn't say anything. He just nodded his head in a confident and calm manner. George asked Dr. Oz "How long was I out?" Dr. Oz said "About three days."  George nodded his head and said "Ya, I thought it was about that long."  Dr. Oz asked him what he was talking about. George said, "It felt like I was in a deep dark ether and was in a jelly like substance. He said that he saw a light, and he knew that if he lost sight of that light he would die."  Dr. Oz was shocked and asked George what he did. George said that he started to paddle as fast as he could to try to get back to the light. He just had this sense that this is where he needed to be if he was going to survive.  Dr. Oz asked him if he was scared. George said he wasn't really scared. It was as if he just didn't have any choice. When George finally made it back to the light he pushed himself out of it and that was the precise time that he woke up.  Dr. Oz said that this story has convinced him that there is indeed life after death.

Dr. Oz then brought up 3 guests to talk about their near life death experiences. The guests all shared their experiences. The first woman said that while she was floating towards the white light she saw her brother in law who had just died of cancer 7 months prior.  He wanted to take her on a journey that would help her understand life in a whole different way.  Her brother in law then told her it was time to go back but the woman didn't want to go back.  He then said that there was a mistake and that she had to go back to live your lifes purpose.  At that moment she was pulled back and slammed back into her body.

The woman said that after she was brought back she looked at things in a different way. She no longer understood how people were running around caring about things that really didn't matter. She said that life is more about people and giving love unconditionally.  She now lives each day like it is her last.  She now thinks of herself now as more spiritual and less religious.  She said it became very clear to her that all religions work.  It's all good.

The next man on the show had an asthma attack that ultimately put him in pulmonary arrest. As he was traveling towards the white light he felt a presence besides him. He said it was a powerful presence and very comforting. He said that he felt his life being reexamined from other peoples perspectives. He could feel the pain that he cause them. The presence besides him let him know that it was ok and that is what humans do. He felt how the decisions he made in his life had an impact on others.  Dr. Oz asked him if he felt like he was given another chance at life. The man said that is exactly how it felt. Now he thinks about how the choices he makes has a direct impact on other people's lives.

So What Happens When We Die?

Dr. Oz talks about what medical science thinks happens when we die.  After your heart stops beating oxygen is no longer being delivered to your tissues.  Without oxygen the neurons inside your brain begin to die.  As your neurons suffocate they don't all suffocate at the same time.  Some parts of your brain have a better blood supply so your brain dies at a different rate in different places of your brain.

How Science and Spirituality Come Together

Dr. Oz had on a guest name Dr. Sam Parnia.  He said that science never thought that we could go beyond the point of death. However that is no longer true.  He said that death is a process that we go through when the heart stops.  He said that patients would report looking down over the doctors when they die on the table. Dr. Sam Parnia said that to test what the patients were saying they would place images above where the patients were laying.  He said that if none of the patients were seeing the images placed above the table then Dr.'s would think that the "near death experience" was probably a trick of the mind. However, if patients could see the image that was placed above the table, the findings would be significant. Many people have seen the images that they placed above the table that they couldn't have seen when they were lying on the table.

In Dr. Sam Parnia's research he found that death is not something that we all should be afraid of.  He said people that die of natural causes the experience is not unpleasant.

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