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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dr Oz, 7 Day Miracle Diet Boost Metabolism, Lose Weight Without Dieting

Dr. O'z 7 Day Miracle Diet To Boost Metabolism - Lose Weight Without Dieting

September 30, 2011

Today's 9-30-2011 Dr. Oz show was about losing weight without dieting.  Dr. Oz said that most people start their diets on Monday but by Tuesday they are already off of it. Today show is about boosting your metabolism in just 7 days that will last forever!

Do you ever wonder why some people can eat with reckless abandon without ever gaining a pound or an inch? While other people can "seemingly" smell food and gain weight?  All of this has to do about your body's metabolism.

Dr. Oz explains that when you are younger you have more muscle mass. This burns more calories without you having to do a thing. As you get older you lose muscle mass and you will burn less calories. You then have to work much harder at losing weight (or even to maintain your weight) that when you were younger.  After you turn 40 your body's metabolism slows down 5% every decade.

7 Day Miracle Plan To Boost Your Metabolism

Day #1 - Check Your Metabolism

Dr. Oz says that you can find out what your metabolism by using the metabolism checker on his website.

Dr Oz 7 Day Miracle Diet
Day #2 - Cut 100 Calories

Just cutting 100 calories can go a long way to helping you to lose weight. Dr. Oz says that sometimes we "diet hard", but we don't "diet smart."  He says that if your body's metabolic rate burns 2,200 calories a day but you then drop your caloric intake to 1,500 calories on your diet your body panics!  Your body then goes into starvation mode and it slows down your metabolism rate.  You your daily metabolic rate goes down and it becomes much harder to lose weight even though you have been eating less. Dieting smart and not putting your body into starvation mode is key to helping you lose weight.

Day #3 - Add Protein To Your Diet

You can boost your metabolism by getting comfortable with the foods your eating. Your body will burn twice as much calories digesting protein than what it does digesting carbohydrates.  You can really boost your diet by eating more fish.  Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids which increase your fat burning enzymes.  So then you burn of more calories digesting the protein from the fish and you burn more of the fat that you already have stored in your body. You should eat two meals a week with fish.

Day #4 - Eat Every 3 Hours

You should eat breakfast almost immediately upon waking up. This will boost your metabolism for the day.  You will then likely get hungry about 3 hours later. Don't deprive yourself and hold off until lunch if you can.  Eat a healthy snack 3 hours after you have breakfast even if your not hungry.  Dr. Oz says that you should never be hungry on the 7 Day Miracle Diet.  Eat lunch at your normal time. Then have a snack again 3 hours later. Eat your dinner at your regular time, and don't eat anything after 8:00 (this plan is based on if you get up between 7-8 in the morning. Adjust accordingly to your schedule).

If your uncertain by what Dr. Oz means by a "snack" he gave an example of a 250 calorie daily snack

  • Pistachios - They have protein and fatty acids which burn off fat faster.
  • Apricots - Handful of dried apricots in with your pistachios. Apricots add some sweetness, have fiber, and visually appealing. 
Dr. Oz says that when people eat healthy 250 calorie snacks like from the example above, people eat less and lose weight without even realizing it!

Day #5 - 3 Iced Drinks Per Day

Iced drinks cool down the fluid and forces your body to reheat the fluid again. This process burns calories!  Just putting ice in your drinks you will burn an extra pound a year. To put it in perspective Dr. Oz mentioned that's two weeks of dieting right there. Just by putting ice in your drinks.

Day #6 - Take Zinc Supplements

Dr. Oz said that there is a hormone in your body that controls your hunger and actually reduces your hunger. This hormone is called Leptin.  Leptin is what signals your brain to tell you that your body is no longer hungry and that you have had enough to eat.  Leptin is dependent on Zinc. Take 12 milligrams per day.

Day #7 - Exercise In Bursts

When you exercise in bursts you wake up your muscles and this boosts your metabolism.  Do simple things throughout the day to exercise in bursts. For example during the course of the day you can do 10 squats. This will exercise your quads and your glutes (your butt).

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