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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dr. Oz, Global Contagion, 5 Step Pandemic Survival Kit, Andrographis

Global Contagion, 5 Step Pandemic Survival Kit

Today (September 16, 2011) Dr. Oz did an eye opening show about his fear of a global pandemic. He started off the show describing how the Global Contagion will all start with "patient zero". He describes how "patient zero" would be unaware that they are sick or contagious and would be a carrier of a deadly virus as she goes about her daily activities. He paints the scenerio of patient zero walking across Manhattan and stopping at an ATM machine. She would pass the germs on to the buttons at the ATM and those behind her pick up the germs and become infected themselves. The virus would quickly spread all throughout Manhattan and soon infections would be spiraling out of control all throughout New York City.

While the scene that Dr. Oz described may be fiction and based on a new movie coming out, the premise of the movie is one that can actually happen!  Dr. Oz said that the new movie "Contagion" starring Matt Damon and Kate Winslett displays the fear and breakdown of society if this actually took place. 

Dr. Oz said that the film Contagion is the first Hollywood movie to get it right. He thinks that this is possible and that it will happen within our lifetime.  Dr. Oz spoke with director Steve Soderbergh on his show. He told Soderbergh that after he left the theater it seemed like everything went into slow motion. He noticed someone coughing across the street and thought about what if they were "patient zero". 

Dr. Oz brought on a guest, Dr. Ian Lipkin to talk about some of the deadliest viruses to plague humankind.  Dr. Ian Lipkin has worked with viruses such Ebola, Rhinovirus C, and West Nile. Dr. Lipkin is a legend in his field and is also portrayed in the movie. Lipkin has revolutionized the way that scientists research and contain viruses. Dr. Lipkin said that one of the reason's why he did the movie is because he said that there is no reason why it should take us 6 months to make a vaccine (like the annual flu vaccine that scientists make each year). Dr. Oz asked Lipken what is holding us back to make vaccines quicker. Lipkin said it's because of resources and we need to make this decision as an entire culture. Until we can make vaccine's quicker Dr. Oz told the viewers what they need in their :

"5 Step Pandemic Survival Kit"

#1 Andrographis - Take 400 mgs of Andrographis 3x Per day. It keeps your immune system strong and comes in a capsule or extract. 

Andrographis Extract on Dr. Oz Show

#2 Get a flu shot

#3 Wash hands for 25 seconds

#4 If you're sick, stay home

#5 Wear a surgical mask

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