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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dr. Oz, Eye Bag, Swelling, Puffy Eye Cause, Potato Skin, Milk

What Causes Eye Bags and Eye Puffiness?

Sleep Position

Dr. Oz asked a guest from the audience if she thought that eye bags and puffiness were caused by the amount of lack of sleep she gets each night. She said that yes, she did think that lack of sleep caused eye bags. Dr. Oz said that this isn't the case. he said that the #1 cause of waking up with puffy eyes or eye bags is sleep position. When you lay in a flat position gravity allows fluid to go up into your eye area. Dr. Oz recommends putting a some towels underneath the head of the mattress to elevate one end of the mattress. he said that this sublt elevation can help you from having eye bags or puffiness in the morning.  He also said that you should lay on your back as well.
Dr. Oz Eye Bags and Puffiness Remedies
Too Much Salt Causes Eye Bags and Puffiness

Dr. Oz says that salt doesn't just cause bloating, it also causes puffiness under the eyes.  When you eat salt it goes into the kidney. The problems is that when you consume too much salt it causes the kidneys  renal vein takes the salt back up into the body by your eyes. Beneath your eyes you have collagen strands that get weaker when you get older. Salt infiltrates the collagen strands and eye puffiness is the result.  Also be sure to check out the Dr. Oz Beauty Wonders For Your Skin segment for more inexpensive remedies that you may have in your medicine cabinet.


Pollen, animal dander, dust, and fragrances (such as fragrances that are in detergents) can cause people with allergies to suffer from eye bags and puffiness.

Solutions To Reduce Eye Bags and Puffiness

  • Cold whole milk - Dr. Oz says that you want whole milk because you want the fat that is in whole milk. He says that it is rich in Vitamin A, D, and fats help to reduce swelling. He said to dip a cotton swab into cold whole milk and dab it under your eyes to help reduce the swelling.
  • Potato slices - Dr. Oz said that potato slices are even better for under your eyes than cucumber slices. He says that they stay cooler for longer and they have an astringent in them. The astringent helps to remove the water from under the eyes.

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