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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr. Oz, 6 Secrets To Live Longer, Human Growth Hormone, Fenugreek

Dr. Oz 6 Secrets To Live Longer

Today (September 19, 2011) show featured Dr. Oz's favorite weight loss guru's, fitness, all alternative medicine doctors from all across the country. His opening segment was called "6 Secrets To Live Longer".

Dr. Oz Secrets To Live Longer

#6 - Fenugreek - Spice To Stimulate Human Growth Hormone

Dr. Oz said that one of the secrets to help you live longer is to help the muscle in your thighs. He said that your thighs are one of your core muscles. He said that your larger muscles help speed up your metabolism (which will help you lose weight) if they are in good shape. Dr. Oz had on specialist in anti-aging who recommends eating foods to boost your human growth hormone naturally.

Dr. Maoshing said that exercise can stimulate your HGH (Human Growth Hormone).  He demonstrated a simple exercise to work your thighs to help stimulate your Human Growth Hormone. You simply bend your knees slightly and hold a slight squatting position until you can't hold that position anymore. He also said that Fenugreek will help to stimulate your HGH. Fenugreek is a herb that can be taken in capsule form and you can also buy Fenugreek in tea bags.

#5 Secret To Live Longer - Exercise Your Brain

To keep your mind young and to help prevent Alzheimer's you should exercise your brain to prevent atrophy. Daily crosswords are one fun and helpful way to work your brain and to keep in sharp! Dr. Oz said that crossword puzzles exercise the parts of your brain that are used during your daily life.  There are also other exercises that you can do to exercise your brain. He came up with a suggestion of using your opposite hand to do things like shaving, brushing your teeth, or eating.

# 4 Secret To Live Longer - Chocolate and Red Wine

Dr. Oz had on a guest named Kathy Freston (author of "The Quantum Wellness Cleanse"). She said that chocolate is full of flavanoids which increase the elasticity of your blood vessels. Red wine is full of antioxidants (specifically Resveratol) and decrease your chances of having a heart attack.

#3 - Have More Sex

Laura Berman recommends to have more sex to help you live longer!  She says that sex is one of the most enjoyable ways to ward off disease!  Dr. Oz said that people who have sex twice a week have higher levels of immune function which can help you fight off infections and is beneficial to your lungs.

#2 Secret Of Living Longer - 30 Grams Of Protein When You Wake Up

Dr. Oz says that protein can work to help you live longer because it helps to control your blood sugar.  If you control your blood sugar you can ward off diabetes.  Dr. Oz likes to make a 30/30 protein smoothie when he wakes up. The 30/30 protein smoothie consists of :
  • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 1/3 Cup Almonds
  • 1/2 Cup Berries

#1 Breathing Slowly and Deeply To Lower Blood Pressure and Alleviate Stress

Dr. Oz asked health guru Andrew Weil what his health secret is. He said that breathing deeply and slowly can help you live longer. Dr. Oz said that it may seem so simple, but we tend to forget about breathing properly.  Take a slow deep breath in using your abdomen and then release slowly.

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