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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chronic Pain, 4 Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Chronic Pain, 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

September 27, 2011

Chronic Pain on Dr. Oz ShowToday's Dr. Oz show was about chronic pain. Dr. Oz featured women who are in pain everyday and have been to their primary care physicians, chiropractor, surgeons, holistic doctors, and just about every other kind of doctor out there to be treated for their pain. All of these women are in severe pain every day of their lives but they haven't been able to get any help from their doctors.

All of the viewers in the audience were sufferers of constant pain.  They feel frustration because their doctors seem to act as if their pain is not real. Dr. Oz says that he thinks sometimes on a subconscious level Dr.'s feel guilt when they can't find out what is wrong, so they pass that guilt back on to the patient and make you feel like the pain is in your head.

Dr. Oz assembled some of the leading people in the world to shed light on the amazing new advances in the field of pain management.

The Four Reasons Why Doctors Can't Help You With Your Pain and Think Your Crazy

  • They Can't See Your Pain - If they can't see it, it doesn't exist.
  • Most doctors aren't trained in pain management.
  • They think that you are in their office to get drugs to use yourself or to use illegally.
  • Because your a woman - Male doctors treat female patients differently.
When you have pain in a certain area, it sends signals to the brain. This is important because it's the brains job to protect you and prevent you from doing foolish things and exasperating the injury.  When you are continually signaling the brain you are in a sense training the brain to send back the response of "pain".  So even after the pain at the site of the injury goes away your brain is still sending out the response to feel pain.  Chronic pain is when it's no long a symptom that tells you to feel pain as a protective measure from an injury, it has taken on a life of its own.  It becomes your brains soul focus and the result is you are in constant chronic pain.

4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Doctor

#1 - How much pain management training do you have?
#2 - What is your approach? Do they prefer to prescribe medications, to do procedures, to focus on physical therapy, psychological aspects, etc..
#3 - How long before I begin to see results?
#4 - How much will it cost? Find out what your insurance will cover.

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