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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yerba Mate For Energy Boost on Dr. Oz

Yerba Mate For Energy Boost On Dr. Oz Show

June 8, 2011 Show

On today's 6-08-2011 Show, Dr. Oz mentioned an herb that can help increase your energy levels stimulate and your brain power. Yerba Mate contains Xanthines, which are mild stimulates to the central nervous system.  Yerba mate has 196 active compounds, as well as polyphenols (which fight free radicals).

If you love the stimulating effects of what coffee gives you, but don't like taste or the side effects, consider giving Yerba Mate a try.

Yerba Mate

Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate

Cruz De Malta is commonly used in Argentina, and Brazil as a healthy alternative to coffee.  Cruz De Malta is one of the "staple" brands and is highly trusted by it's consumers. Read Yerba Mate Customer Reviews and see why they love this tea like beverage for it's energy boosting properties.

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