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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tips To Help You Live Longer, Konjac Fiber, Dr. Oz Show

Tips To Help You Live Longer

June 6, 2011

On today's Dr. Oz show he predicted how old a 43 year old gentlemen would be when he died. The man on the show was overweight, drank alcohol, ate fast food, and rarely exercised at all. The show was very enlightening about how we can all take our health for granted.

The man's cholesterol (even while on cholesterol lowering statin drugs) was too high, his blood sugar was high (Dr. Oz said he was an ice creams scoop away from diabetes), and had a BMI (body mass index) of 36. A BMI of 31 is considered obese.

Dr. Oz predicted (he used a lifespan calculator used by insurance companies) that the man would die at age 57. He then showed a video of all the things that the man would miss including his childrens wedding, graduations, and grandchildren.

Live Longer With These Dr. Oz Tips
  1. Choose lean meats (this added 5 years to the mans expected lifespan)
  2. Konjac Root Fiber - Glucomman - Taking Konjac Root Fiber can help you lose weight (this added 8 years to the mans expected lifespan)
  3. Cut out alcohol - Cutting out alcohol added 7 more years to the lifespan
  4. Cutting out stress - This added 2 more years
All in all if the man would take heed of all Dr. Oz's tips (cutting out alcohol, losing weight, exercising, and eating right) he would have an estimate lifespan of 81 years! Thats 24 extra years of living life and enjoying your loved ones!

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