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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dr. Oz, Dried Kelp, Fight Against Cellulite Show

Today on the 5-11-2011 Dr. Oz television show, he revealed some amazing weight loss secrets that you may not have known about. After watching his show last month on Konjac Root No Carb Noodles I immediately ordered a six pack of noodles and have been thrilled so far! After watching today's show on dried Kelp, this will be my next addition into my weight loss program.

Dried Kelp

Dried Kelp

Kelp contains a compound called fucoxanthin. It is found in green plants with chlorophyll. It has been shown that it burns body fat. Dr. Oz noted that in studies taking kelp supplementation can help you lose 5-10% loss in your body weight. This will very quickly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Kelp is very affordable (often under 10 dollars per bottle). You can add it to your meals by crumbling it into soups, salads, and stir fry. You can buy kelp in capsule form as well.

Kelp Supplements

Dr. Oz seemed very excited about the studies that have been done with dried kelp, with exciting potential for weight loss and reduction in cholesterol.

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