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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bacopa Monniera, Focus, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Insomnia

Bacopa Monnieri, Pumpkin Seed Powder, 5/30/2011 Dr. Oz Show

On May 30th, 2011 Dr. Oz was talking about nontraditional remedies that you may have never heard of! He had leading alternative health experts appear on the show to help explain the alternative remedies. Two alternative health treatments that I found interesting was a supplement for insomnia called pumpkin seed powder and bacopa monniera that is used for memory enhancement.

Insomnia - The alternative health expert said that pumpkin seed powder helps our body make more serotonin, which then produces more melatonin. You take half a cup of pumpkin seed powder and mix in some honey and milk (or water) into a blender. Drink a cup before bed. This will provide a slow release of tryptophan from the pumpkin seed powder. It will provide a slow and steady release into your body and it will help you stay asleep longer. He said that you will sleep more restful and quality REM sleep. Serotonin also has been shown to elevate your moods. Dr. Oz's alternative health assistant said that this treatment for insomnia is much better than Chamomile tea, valerian root, and other alternative insomnia treatments..

By Starwest Botanicals

pumpkin seed powder

bacopa monniera - Bacopa Monniera was another interesting alternative health supplement that Dr. Oz said will make you smarter! It will help you enhance your memory, and focus better. It has also been proved to ease stress and helps people to focus better that are in stressful situations. Bacopa Monniera does have a tranquilizing effect, but unlike sedatives (which dulls the mind) Bacopa Monniera improves mental clarity, focus, and mood!

bacopa monniera

Two other remedies that he talked about on today's show are for people with digestive problems, and back pain.

Fennel Seeds - Fennel Seeds have a lot of magnesium which relaxes your digestion system and will help with cramping.

fennel seed

Acu Ball - Acuballs are great to massage your back, feet, and even your face. They are great to put behind your back while you are in a computer chair.

Acu Ball

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