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Monday, May 30, 2011

Acuball, For Back Pain As Seen On Dr. Oz, Massage Therapy

Acuballs For Back Pain

As Seen On The Dr. Oz Show


If you suffer from back pain, you realize how debilitating of a condition that it can be. On today's show, Dr. Oz talked about a simple and therapeutic way you can give yourself to help treat back pain.

Acuballs seem like a simple enough treatment that everyone can use throughout each day. While you are sitting at your computer chair you can place the balls behind your back and give yourself a massage. You can also lay on floor with the balls behind your back giving yourself a therapeutic massage.

Acuballs are also great for after workout foot massages. Simply lay them on the ground and let them roll under your feel. The spiky ball will massage your muscles and invigorating the tissues with therapeutic circulation.

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  1. Back pain can vary from constant pain, until a sudden, severe pain. Acute back pain appears suddenly and usually lasts for several days or weeks. Back pain is chronic when it lasts more than three months.

    Lilly Walcott