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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dr Oz, Heal Body, Bank Account, Wealth Cure Book, Hill Harper

Heal Your Body and Your Bank Account - The Wealth Cure, Book By Hill Harper

November 28, 2011 - Dr. Oz had on a guest named Hill Harper.  Hill Harper is an actor as well as an author who wrote the book called "The Wealth Cure".  Mr. Harper also found the correlation between healing your body and your bank account at the same time.

Hill Harper was diagnosed with cancer while he was writing a book about finances.  He came to the realization that the same methods that Doctors were using to cure Hill Harper of his cancer could also be applied to heal your bank account ailments!  He says that your health and wealth are linked together.

Here are 3 steps to improve your health and wealth

Dr. Oz had on a guest who wanted to lose 100 pounds and to lose 30,000 dollars in debt. Dr. Oz asked her what she has done to get in the situation that she is in.  She said that she has had medical problems and works a full time job, got married, and has a young child. All of this doesn't leave her much time to exercise and eat right.  She was putting everyone else first before taking care of herself.

Hill Harper says it's not your spending problems, or buying to big of a house that leads many people to bankruptcy.  It's health issues! Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcies.

3 Step Program To Improve Your Health and Wealth

  • Rule of 15 - Walk 15 minutes per day to lose 15 pounds in 1 year (Hill Harper suggests if possible to walk 15 minutes in the morning to kick start your metabolism).  You can lose at least 15 pounds in a year doing this alone without changing a thing.
  • Reduce $15 dollars per day in expenses will save you $5, 475 in just one year! How can you reduce expenses so much on a limited budget? Hill Harper looked at the woman's budget and came up with the idea of eating breakfast at home. Also making your lunch at home to bring to work can save you the $15 dollars a day that can help bring you out of debt or to build your wealth.  Another cost saving measure is to ditch your name brand coffee for an off brand.  Mr. Harper says that many times the generic and name brand coffee makers get their coffee from the exact same farms!!
  • Skinny food equals fat wallet - Hill says that there are many "skinny" foods that you can eat that cost less than $2.00.  Eggs, canned salmon, whole grain pasta, frozen vegetables, canned beans, and much more!
  • Serve yourself and serve others - Hill Harper says that there are studies that show when a person volunteers their service they are happier people.  When you are helping others you make yourself feel enriched and good inside.  He said that happier people binge on food less, and the binge less on spending as well! Hill recommends volunteering 2 days a month.  He gave examples such as working at a food bank, helping out at a school, or helping an elderly person shop for their groceries.  It doesn't matter what kind of service your doing as long as you are volunteering to help for a good cause.

Heal Your Body and Bank Account Book By Will Harper Book

Hill Harper, Heal Your Body Wealth Cure Book

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