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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dr. Oz, Real Age Skin Test, How Old Is Your Skin Quiz?

Real Age Skin Test, Anti Aging Secrets

October 5, 2011

Dr. Oz Real Age Skin Test
Today on the Dr. Oz Show every member of the audience was asked to remove their makeup before the show. This caused a lot of anxiety for the women who don't even take off their makeup in front of their husbands!  Dr. Oz wanted everyone to see what your skin may be telling you about your health.  He asked the entire audience to look at their skin in a mirror and to examine their skin. Does your skin look older than expected? Younger than expected? Today Dr. Oz wants you to test your skin to find out how fast your skin is aging.

Real Age Skin Text / Quiz

Are your upper eyelids drooping, almost touching your upper lashes? A. No B. Slightly C. Definitely

  • As you age your skin loses it's elasticity.  To do a skin elasticity test on your eye, pinch your skin under your eyelid. How long does it take for your skin to go back to it's normal state? Ideally it should go back to normal in under 2 seconds. Dr. Oz had on a guest physician. She said that your skin can reflect what is going on internally in your body.

Do you see smile lines from the corner of your nostrils to the corners of your mouth?  A. No B. Yes, soft linees C. Yes, clear lines.

There are for stages of wrinkles they are :
  • Stage 1 - This is when there aren't any wrinkles on your face.  This stage is usually when your in your 20's or early 30's.  At this stage you really don't need a lot of makeup to cover up your wrinkles.
  • Stage 2 - This when you will notice wrinkles when you smile or make movements with your face.  Smiles, squinting, frowning, etc...
  • Stage 3 - This is when your wrinkles start to get etched into your skin.  The wrinkles are there whether you are smiling or your not.  
  • Stage 4 - This is when your whole face is etched with lines and wrinkles.
Instead of the coloring on your chin and forehead being even, Do you have small red dots or uneven coloring? A. No, B. Yes, Some, or C. Yes, Many
  • This occurs from skin damage. The more unprotected your skin has been throughout life the more damage that has taken place.
Is the skin on your cheeks smooth or sagging?  A. Smooth B. Somewhat sagging C. Sagging and forming jowls on jawline.
  • Yo Yo dieting can contribute to this problem. When you gain weight rapidly your skin can stretch and you can damage some of the elastin in your skin.  
Are there any frown lines running horizontally across your forehead and/or vertically between your eyebrows? A. No B. Yes, slightly, C. Yes significant deep lines
  • Forehead wrinkles first begin to appear when you are stressed out.  One of the worst culprits that add to forehead wrinkles is smoking.  
You can view the rest of the skin test on Dr. Oz's Official Website
The audience members then pulled out their envelopes that reveal their real age from the "Real Age Skin Test." One particular audience member revealed that her "Real Age" of her skin was 45 and she is 39 years old.  Dr. Oz said that there are things that you can do to help reverse some of the damages done.

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  1. There was a discussion of eye twitching and involuntary movements or closing...what is a potential diagnosis for this? Can it be related to diabetes or thyroid problems?