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Monday, October 3, 2011

Dr Oz Gone Wild, 50 Most Embarrassing Questions, Weight Loss

Dr. Oz Gone Wild - 50 Most Embarrassing Questions

October 3, 2011

Dr. Oz couldn't fit all 50 embarrassing questions into one show, so these are the questions that he covered on today's episode.

Why do I have a dark colored tongue? Dr. Oz said that your tongue has tiny little areas on your tongue called papillae. He said that if you have been taking medications with"Bismith" in it stains your papillae.  What you can do to alleviate this problem is to brush your tongue with baking soda. 

Dr. Oz 50 Most Embarrassing QuestionsWhy is there brown stuff on the end of a q-tip when I clean my ears?  When you are cleaning your ear with a q-tip you should not poke into your ear too hard. You can damage your ear drum.  He suggests not putting anything smaller than your finger into your ear.  He suggests putting mineral oil into your ear before you go to bed.  It will dissolve the ear wax and the next morning it will wash right out.

Is it normal for me to have gas after having an orgasm? When you have an orgasm your nerve endings tend to let go in order for the orgasm to happen.  When this happens you are more likely to pass gas.

Why does my belly button smell bad?  There are several reasons why your belly button may smell bad. Some of them are :
  • Lint - Lint hangs on to stuff and can hold bacteria that can cause odor.  
  • Dirt - dead skin cells can accumulate and case odor
  • Sweat 
  • Bacteria
How do I fix toe nail fungus?  When you have a nail fungus it can get into your nail bed and destroy your ability to grow new nails. Dr. Oz suggests using tea tree oil or sunflower oil.  They are antimicrobial

Can I help improve acne scarring from when I was younger?  When you were younger and got acne your immune system was triggered to kill the acne. For some people the skin around it gets damaged as well.  Collagen gets destroyed and acne scars are the result.  For smaller scars using creams with retinol can reduce the damages from acne scars by increasing collagen production. For bigger scars there are procedures that dermatologists can do to help reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Embarrassing Weight Loss Questions

Why do low carb diets cause bad breath -  Low carb diets put your body into starvation mode and your body can produce bad breath. Dr. Oz suggests a handful of healthy carbs throughout the day to remedy this problem.

Can Losing Weight Cause Thinning Hair? Your hair is made of keratin.  Not getting enough keratin on a diet can lead to thinning hair or hair loss.  Dr. Oz says that this is a warning sign that your dieting too hard.  A simple solution is to eat mixed nuts or an egg every day.

Can at home treatments erase stretch marks?  Dr. Oz says that unfortunately the answer is no.  Laser treatments at a dermatologist's office is the best remedy for this problem.

Do colonics work? Dr. Oz says that no they don't work.  He said that the most you will lose is a half a pound and you will gain that back right afterwards.  He doesn't like colonics because they destroy both the good and the bad bacteria in your colon.

After losing weight my tattoo doesn't look the same. Do I have to live with that?  Dr. Oz says that unfortunately yes. Stretched skin is like silly putty. Dr. Oz suggests that you shouldn't lose more than one pound per week so your skin adjusts properly.

Why do green vegetables make my stomach gurgle?  Greens are harder to digest so if this is a problem for you try mixing in some whole grains with your green veggies may help you digest them better.

Can I stop my thighs from banging together when I walk?  Dr. Oz says that there is no such thing as spot reduction when it comes to fat.  Cardio exercise is the best way to burn fat.  He did say that if strengthen your thighs it will hold your fat better and this will be less of a problem.

After losing weight will my belly button shrink too? Yes your belly button will return to normal size after you lose weight. If it doesn't this can be a signal for an umbilical hernia.

Can you do anything about excess sweating?  Dr. Oz says that there is a lot that you can do.  You should avoid fabrics that cling to your skin like nylon. You should use fabrics like cotton and you won't sweat as much.

Can I do anything for my jiggly arms? Yes there are things that you can do for jiggly arms.  Tricep extension exercises build up the muscles in the back of your arms. The more toned your muscles are the less jiggly the fat will appear.

What can I do to get rid of food odor? Put some baby powder in your shoes to absorb some of the moisture.

Whenever I shave I get terrible razor bumps. Why is that happening?  A dull razor can irritate your skin. Throw it away after a few uses and keep it dry to keep the blade sharp.

Embarrassing Questions About Nipples

Is it normal to have bumps on my nipples?  Yes bumps around your nipple are normal.  The bumps are glands around the nipple that lubricate the area.  If the bumps get red and/or scaly this can mean an infection or in some cases cancer.

Are inverted nipples normal?  If you have had inverted nipples since childhood it is normal.  However, if your nipples become inverted later in life this could be a signal that something is wrong.

Most embarrassing questions your spouse is afraid to ask

Is there something wrong if my husband is always "adjusting" himself "down there"?  Usually this is totally normal. It is just away of feeling more comfortable. However if there is a lot of itching going on down there it could be something else.  It is dark and moist in the genital region and bacteria or fungi can grow.  This can cause jock itch.  Dr. Oz suggests boxers because it helps you genitals breath more.  Anti fungal creams and powder are effective as well.

Why does my wife burp so much? Could something be wrong? If you are burping excessively after big meals some of the classic culprits are wine, caffeinated products, and milk.

Why does my husband's mustache smell?  A mustache is like a petri dish. It's around your mouth and your nose and collects all sorts of bacteria. Dr. Oz suggests using witch hazel in a glass of water. Dip a tooth brush into the water and brush your mustache with it.

What can my wife do about her callouses?  Dr. Oz says that you can mix epsom salts with olive oil to help alleviate this problem.

Most Embarrassing Question That Dr. Oz Hears Often

How can I boost my libido?  Dr. Oz said that women should try Black Cohosh. He said that it improves sexual function, especially after menopause.  It also helps to improve vaginal dryness.  He said to take about 40 drops in water twice a day.

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