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Thursday, October 6, 2011

7 Biggest Health Scams, Supplements Failed, Passed Testing

Dr. Oz's 7 Biggest Health Scams - What Supplements Failed and Which Ones Passed Testing?

October 6, 2011

Today Dr. Oz talks about 7 biggest health scams and empty problems. He said nothing bothers him more than health claims that don't deliver anything other than empty promises.  Dr. Oz points out that every day he puts his reputation on the line when he lends his health, weight loss, supplement recommendations, and nutritional tips. 

7 Biggest Health Scams

Before and after pictures - Many of the pictures are doctored, photo-shopped, and may not even be the same person.

30 Day Money Back Guarantees - What happens in many cases is that you get put on an auto-ship scam.  You keep getting billed each month and it's very hard to stop.  The customer service is usually hard to through to ever get your money back. Some companies don't even have a customer service number.

The Truth About Omega 3's - Dr. Oz loves Omega 3's, but consumer reports ran tests on Omega 3's and 30 percent of the brands failed their tests.  They failed for not having the proper amount of Omega 3's or they were spoiled.  Things you should look out for
  • Pharmaceutical Grade - There is no such thing as a "Pharmaceutical Grade" fish oil. 
  • FDA approved laboratory - The FDA doesn't approve laboratories for testing fish oil so look out for this term when looking for a fish oil supplement.  
  • The brands of fish oil that passed Consumer Lab Testing are - Life Extension Super Omega 3, and Advocare Omegaplex Omega 3's Fatty Acids.
Ginseng Supplements - Dr. Oz recommends Ginseng to improve your sex drive, reduce stress, and improve energy.  45% of the Ginseng brands were failed Consumer Reports testing for either being contaminated with heavy metals or didn't contain the amount listed on the bottles.  The products that passed consumer reports testing are :

St. Johns Wort - Dr. Oz is a fan of St. Johns Wort because it helps with depression with very few side effects.  40% of the brands either didn't contain the active ingredient or were contaminated. Dr. Oz said that the two brands that passed consumer reports standards are :
Probiotics - Dr. Oz says that probiotics are great for digestion and are a great way to replenish your body with healthy bacteria. However you should be careful about what you buy.  Consumer reports tested probiotics and most didn't have as much as they claimed.  Dr. Oz said that you should look at the bottle and read where it says how many "CFU's" the probiotic contains. Then look for an "*" asterisk.  On the back of the bottle it may say something like * "At the date of manufacture". If you see an asterisk this should signal a red flag.

Coconut Water - Dr. Oz loves coconut water.  Fresh coconut water hydrates you and is full of vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes.  Consumer reports tested three brands of coconut water but only 3 passed the test. The failed brands didn't have the amount of electrolytes that they list on the bottle.  The two brands that failed are O.N.E and Vita Coco.  Zico is the brand of cocunut water that passed all Consumer Reports Lab testing.

Valerian Root - 70% of the Valerian products tested failed because they didn't have the proper amount or some were contaminated.

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