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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schizandra Berry As Seen On Dr. Oz Show, Magnolia Bark

Schizandra Berry

As Seen On Dr. Oz Show

On today's Dr. Oz show he talked about an "ancient chinese secret" called Schizandra Berry. It is used for mental concentration, focus, and an energy boost. Dr. Oz mentioned that on college campuses, Schizandra Berry flies off the shelf during exams week. It can calms you down and increases your focus to keep you performing at optimal levels.

Schizandra Berry

Magnolia Bark - Magnolia is used for bloating and flatulence.  The bacteria in your stomach causes methange gas. The magnolia bark extract decreases the methane gas in your stomach which will help with flatulence and bloating problems.

magnolia bark

Jujube Seed - this was a very interesting supplement that has been used for 1000's of years in China as a sleep aid. Chinese medicine is becoming increasingly popular with the rising cost in medications. Jujube Seed is a safe sleep enhancing supplement that you can take an hour before bedtime.

jujube extract

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