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Friday, May 27, 2011

Liquid Lash Extensions, As Seen on Dr. Oz

 Dr. Oz Liquid Lash Extensions

Liquid Lash Extensions

(As Seen On the Dr. Oz Show)

Today on Dr. Oz's show he talked about a great way for women enhance their beauty with liquid lash extensions.  Read Customer Reviews.

He had an assistant come up from crowd to test out the lash extensions and you could notice a remarkable difference from the treated eye in comparison to the eye without the liquid lash extensions.

One of Dr. Oz's assistants put on a regular layer of mascara on the woman from the audience like normal, and then put on the liquid lash extensions. It appeared to be very easy to do, and it was very natural looking. Her eyelashes looked full and gorgeous. I have always felt that fake eyelashes appeared too fake. Liquid lash extensions looked remarkably better in my opinion. Dr. Oz says that you can add more layers if you want a more full and vibrant look. He said that liquid lash extensions are made of natural fibers and it is very easy to apply.

If you love that look (and who doesn't) of full, long, and lustrous eyelashes that was demonstrated on the Doctor Oz show, then liquid lash extension would definitely be worth a try.

Divaderme Liquid Lash Extensions

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What are Liquid Lash Extensions? They are dry cellulose fibers that will give you the look of long lashes without actually putting on fake eyelashes. It is a treatment that will give you longer, thicker, and healthier eyelashes in just a few seconds of application time. When you apply the first coat of mascara, this gives the lash extension a coating to adhere to. It can be removed easily with your regular makeup removal.


  1. what was the name brand of the liquid lash extensions shown on the Dr. Oz show. It was a liquid and the above items shown do not look like what was shown.

  2. Hi Bev. He never did say the name of the particular brand. My best suggestion would be to read the customer reviews of each brand and find what works best for you. All of the liquid lash extensions seem to be based on the same concept. First you apply your mascara, then the liquid lash extensions is applied and adheres to the mascara. Dr. Oz then said you can apply additional layers as needed. I hope this may help.

  3. I have not found the product as well...went into Sephora and they had no idea what i was talking about!

  4. My daughter looked in Sephora and got the same story, Roni. The brand he had looked like it was in a bottle more like a fingernail polish bottle than a mascara tube but I didn't catch the name. It wasn't any of the pictured items above.

  5. its called divaderme liquid eyelash extentions you have to buy it from the company sephora does not carry it

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