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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr. Oz Anti Aging Secrets, GTF Chromium, Astragalus Root

Dr. Oz Anti Aging Secrets


Dr. Oz Show
On today's Dr. Oz Show he talked about anti-aging secrets, reversing aging, extending life, and alleviating nerves.  We all want to stop aging and today Doctor Oz talks about things to stop your body from aging in just 24 hours.

24 hour challenge to stop aging - As Seen on the Doctor Oz Show

1st mission - 8:00 AM mission - Wipe out wrinkles. Cut down on sugar. Sugar causes less elasticity in your skin. Dr. Oz explained that sugar has a detrimental effect on collagen. He advised to replace hidden glucose spikers. For example, you should eliminate yogurt that has added syrups and simple sugars. You should eat all natural yogurt instead. He also said to replace ketchup with hot sauce, which is a metabolism booster. The assisting doctor advised taking GTF Chromium, which helps insulin do it's job.

GTF Chromium Supplement

12:00 PM mission - Cut off cancer cells. Anti angiogenesis. Cancer cells steal blood from healthy cells. Dr. Oz talked about anti cancer foods such as, Papaya, blackberries, and nutmeg that we should be infusing into our diets.

3rd 3PM mission - Eliminate cellular exhaustion with Astragalus.  Cells in the body need to divide and each time they do there are strings in them called telomeres that get shorter each time. Once the telomeres get too small they die. This is how we age.  Astragalus is a chinese immune boosting herb. Recent research says that astragalus can keep telomeres from shortening, thus prolonging the aging process! The preliminary research was said to be very promising.

Astragalus Root, As Seen On Dr. Oz

Defeat Dementia - Decrease inflammation. Follow an antiinflammatory diet. Dr. Oz says to make sure to eliminate sodium nitrates in your diet. L-Carnitine and alpha lipoic acid provideds energy to your brain cells and keeps them opeerating at their very best.

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