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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dr. Oz Chia Seeds For Weight Loss, Cravings, Where To Buy

Chia Seeds For Weight Loss and Where To Buy Them

October 12, 2011

Dr. Oz did a segment on today's show about how Chia seeds can help you to eliminate your cravings. Everyone old enough remembers Chia Pets and how they were popular back in the 80's.  Little did everyone know that Chia seeds are now considered as the modern day "super seed".

Dr. Oz had on a guest to talk about how Chia seeds can help promote weight loss. The guest said that Chia seeds are not only healthy, but they have great expansion abilities in your stomach. Dr. Oz asked the question of how much can they expand. Chia seeds expand in your stomach 9 times their original size. They performed an exhibit to show how the Chia seeds act like a sponge in your stomach and expand. This will obtain healthy nutrients and also feel fuller faster because the expand in your stomach and reduce your cravings. You also only need about an ounce (three tablespoons) to get the benefit! Chia seeds are great for your heart, colon, and blood pressure as well!

Where can you buy Chia Seeds?

Dr. Oz said that you can buy them in some health food stores and you can also buy them online.  Read Chia Seeds customer reviews so you can see what previews customers opinions are.

Dr. Oz Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

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